We Want You to Teach In California

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Teachers are essential for the future of California's youth. As we face a critical teacher shortage statewide, we need you to become a teacher and support our California schools and students.

The California Center on Teaching Careers (CCTC) is making it easier than ever for qualified and prospective teachers to get involved.

Here's how:

Free Interactive Vortal app. On the Vortal, educators at all stages of their professional journey can create a free profile to gain access to information on teaching job openings across California, how to pursue a teaching career, resources to help navigate the credentialing process and gain access to registration for upcoming virtual job fairs to connect with school leaders statewide.

Free Virtual Teacher Job Fairs. Attend our next virtual job fair to connect with schools and districts in your area and learn about teacher job openings. Various job openings even offer a pathway to getting your credentials while you work. We have connected thousands of educators with education agencies nationwide to get them hired and ready to make a difference in their communities.

Whether you are an experienced, certified teacher, a long-term substitute or paraprofessional, or looking to launch a rewarding career in education, CCTC can help.

Get Access to ONLINE Job fairs, Career support, and MORE.

We Want You to Find the Right Teaching Opportunity!

Would you like to connect with schools in your area to find the right teaching opportunity for you? Through our Vortal and free teacher job fairs, the Center can help connect you with schools statewide who need teachers like you to support their students.

Register to learn more about the Center's offerings for qualified teachers like you, such as free resources and tips for a successful job interview, convenient and accessible methods to connect with schools, districts and education agencies statewide, as well as other support systems made accessible for credentialed teachers.

We Want You to Teach in California!

Are you ready to begin your teaching career and make an impact on California’s future? If you’re looking for guidance on teacher credentialing pathways, The Center can help you succeed.

Through accessible resources like the credentials tracker and our credential program offerings, The Center helps to support aspiring teachers like you to complete California’s teacher credentialing requirements and empower you to soon become the teacher you want to be. Help us close the gap on California’s teacher shortage and support students who need teachers like you!

California needs more teachers.

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